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Amco Swingaway Easy Release Grease Separator – the Container that Releases Grease-Free Liquids

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KC_109-Amco-Swingaway-Easy-Release-Grease-SaparatorCooked food needs to be tasty, not greasy.

So, when a Grease Separator comes along, everybody should get one.

This 32-ounce cup has a spring loaded bottom which easily releases grease-free liquids.

The deep improved new lid strains liquids and the soft grip handle releases liquids with just a squeeze.

The cup has useful metric and standard measurement in 1/4, 1/3-cup and 2-Ounce increments.

Works great as a gravy, soup or hot liquid separator – you just need to let the dripping sit for some minutes then squeeze the handle and you’ve got your fat free drippings.

This makes for a great gift for people who watch their diet and want to stay away from any form of fat and grease.

Cut the fat with the Swingaway Grease Separator!

Say no even to the last drop of grease with this no-brainer item, and enjoy your grease-free food.

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