After many failed attempts, success at 40!

I was always a large child all through school, was constantly picked on and teased- the usual mean things kids say became the reality of my life, and often were the impetus to my eating to feel better.

Diet Camp at 12 did not work permanentlly, a diet program the next year did not work, so I gave up. By the time I was in high school I was well over 200 pounds. It seemed that by the time I was in my mid 20’s, I was into the 300’s; I was depressed and seeking an answer.

I heard that answer on an infomercial late at night- turns out this health star was in my own home town of Dallas at the time, so I decided to attend their workout facility and became a member. I was somewhat successful with Susan Powter, losing about 90 pounds and getting healthy, landing myself in the public eye for a while as i was asked to be in her book.

Then divorce time came and knocked me off that success train in a hard way and I reverted to eating instead of maintaining my new lifestyle. Along comes birthday 35 and I see the scale nearing 400 pound- telling myself that I WILL NOT go over this mark. I began to investigate Weight Loss Surgery.

I did try many programs before this decision such as Weight Watchers and they just did not seen to work for me, but the weight always seemed to come back. I went to seminars, support groups, and read online for about 6 months before deciding this was the right decision. I had my surgery in April of 2006 and today am down over 230 pounds.

To maintain this loss I continue to work the tool that was given to me rather than try to sabotage it. That has been the most important part of the success, is remembering this is a tool but I have to know how to use it. Many people think that weight-loss surgery is an easy way out; I do not believe it any easier than other weight-loss methods.

I have had my share of complications (including surprise surgery to correct a hernia just a few months ago) and issues with maintaining nutritional balance in my labwork. It is a constant program to maintain the success I have been able to achieve.

Source: iReports