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Weight Loss Before and After: Melita Sheds 42 Pounds With A Healthy Diet And Attitude

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Melita lost 42 pounds! See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss diet plans and programs. Motivation to lose weight with walking and inspiration from before and after weightloss pics and photos.Melita decided to get healthy after realizing that the road she had been traveling had led her to become the heaviest she had ever been. So after learning discipline and consistancy, she’s lost over 40 lbs. Learn how she did it right here…

Vital Stats

Name: Melita Jagic

Email: jelitamagic@hotmail.com

BodySpace: jelita magic

Age: 40


Weight: 172.4 lbs

Size: 14


Weight: 129.8

Body Fat: 10%

Size: 6

Why I Got Started

I got started because I reached a point where I was the heaviest & un-fittest I had ever been in my whole life! As a struggling single mother of two kids I had to make a choice to get fit or continue down the unhealthy path I was already on.

It was 1999, definitely the lowest part of my life, I had to stop my vicious cycle of comfort eating. Eating, or rather binging, for pleasure; to try and feel good. Yet, when the eating was over I would be left feeling bad from overindulging that I would be driven to eat once more to try and feel good again.

Over the years I had gained a considerable amount of weight, an uncomfortable 40+ lbs (20 kilos). I was bursting out of my size 12 clothes and really had to consider buying clothes the next size up. I had always been a size 6, never in my life had I been size 14!

I felt terrible. I felt like a big fat slug, slow and pathetic. No energy to play with my kids. No confidence to go out in public to be seen by people who might know me and definitely no hope at all of starting a new relationship. It would’ve been so easy to withdraw from everyone, buy my new size 14 clothes and blame everything and everyone for how bad my life had turned out.

Fortunately for me I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough. It dawned on me that I was the only one who could change things. I was the only one responsible for where I was at. On the inside I felt I wasn’t a fat person. I was never, ever meant to be a fat person!

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My children needed me to be fit and healthy for them, to be able to play with them and encourage them to be fit and healthy too. What sort of an example was I setting by not looking after myself?

In short, I made a decision that morning to change my circumstances and my life. From that moment on I was totally responsible for creating my own “luck”.

Regaining my healthy body was top priority. I knew that if I started liking who I was again, it would make other parts of my life fall into place too. The saying you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself holds true. If I could learn to be disciplined with my training and nutrition, I knew that discipline would also filter into all areas of my life.

How I Did It

The first thing I did was have a good friend, who was a professional photographer, take photos of me in a bikini so that I could assess the full extent of the damage caused by the last three years of indulgence. This was an embarrassing, yet incredibly powerful incentive to get myself back on track.

When you have your photo taken in nothing but a bikini it makes you look honestly at your body instead of allowing selective sight to take over and just looking at all your “good” parts.

I went back to my local gym (which had childcare facilities) and made myself literally work my butt off. A combination of weight training and cardio soon had the fat melting off and the lean tissue coming on. I was getting stronger both physically and mentally and the progress I was making kept me motivated to train harder.

The time at the gym was my time, time that I could focus on creating the person I wanted to be, the person I could see in my head. Lucky for me that person materialized and that is the person I am today.

Today I’m a competitive, drug free bodybuilder, a successful personal trainer and hopefully a much, much better mother to my kids. I now have photographers take photos of me in bikinis and tiny gym clothes and I’m proud, not embarrassed… oh, and yes I’m a size 6 again!

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* Protein

* MRP’s

* Recovery

* Protein Bars

* BCAA’s

* Glutamine

* Multivitamin/Mineral


Meal 1: 7:30 AM

o 30 g quick cooking oats

o 100 ml skim milk

o 200 ml water

o 1 scoop protein powder (Vanilla)

o Splenda

o Cinnamon

Meal 2: 10:00 AM

o 185 g Tuna Slices

o Olive Oil

or Protein Bar

o 1 small apple

Meal 3: 12:30 PM

o 1 chicken breast

o ½ cup rice

o 1 small green salad

Meal 4: 4:00 PM

o 1 serving protein powder (on training days)

or MRP

o  Meal 5: 5:15 PM (Post-Workout)

o 60 g protein

Meal 6: 7:30 PM

o 1 small lamb backstrap grilled

o 1 small salad

o Broccoli

o Balsamic vinegar

o Tabasco

Meal 7: 9:30 PM

o Protein powder

o 1 tsp natural peanut butter

Alternative Meal 2 or 4:

Egg White Omlette (can be made ahead and reheated in microwave or even cold)

+ 1 whole egg

+ 4 egg whites

+ 1/3 cup oats

+ Splenda

+ Cinnamon

+ 3 chopped pecan nuts

+ 1 tablespoon sultanas

Beat eggs, oats, Splenda and cinnamon until light and fluffy. Pre heat lightly sprayed frying pan on stove top and pour in egg mixture when pan is hot. When bottom of omlette sets, sprinkle chopped pecans and sultanas onto omlette. Set top of Omlette under grill. Don’t overcook to avoid rubbery eggs!


Monday: Chest

o Morning: Run 45 Minutes

o Afternoon:Chest

Tuesday: Back

o Morning: Stepmill 30 Minutes

o Afternoon: Back

Wednesday: Rest

o Morning: Run/Sprint 45 minutes

Thursday: Legs

o Morning: Stepmill 30 Minutes

o Afternoon: Legs

Friday: Rest

o Morning: Run 45 Minutes

Saturday: Shoulders

o Afternoon: Shoulders

Sunday: Cardio

o Morning: Plyometrics 50 Minutes

o Afternoon: Rollerblade 2 Hours

Cardio is always done on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Pre Contest I do another cardio session in the evening 30-45 minutes depending on my condition

Suggestions For Others

Don’t let excuses stop you from doing and achieving the things that you’re really passionate about in life! I still have lots of goals I’d like to achieve and the best thing is I know I’ll do it. I obviously still train hard but I’m in the very lucky position of loving what I do!

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