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A Tae-Kwon-Do injury brought Luis’s healthy lifestyle to an abrupt hault

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Read his success story! Before and after male transformation and fitness motivation from men who hit their weight loss goals. They got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comAfter finishing college he decided to rebuild himself. Find out how he lost 79 pounds here! 


Vital Stats

Name: Luis Carlos Caballero Chong

Email: scorpiox1@yahoo.com

BodySpace: ScorpioX1


Height: 5’8.5″

Weight: 247 lbs

Body Fat: 35%

Pant Size: 42


Height: 5’8.5″

Weight: 168 lbs

Body Fat: 17%

Pant Size: 30

Arms: 15.8″

Chest: 42.9″

Why I Decided To Change My Body!

My biggest motivation was myself 7 years ago and overcoming what I had achieved in the old times when I was a kid of 20 – 22 years old. During 1998, 99 and 2000 I was really very dedicated in working out my muscles and had a very healthy life, I even achieved a very athletic body by that time but always tried to gain more muscle mass.

Unfortunately everything came to an end after I broke my arm in a tae-kwon-do combat, this was on February of 2000, I got a surgery and was inactive for several months, then I graduated from college and moved to another city to look for a job, I got it soon.

However, I never tried to come back with my workout until now (almost 7 years later), during those 7 years I was practically throwing away my life, eating totally disordered (pizza, burgers, candies, chocolates, etc every day at all times) and doing no physical activity. I passed from pant size 32 to 42 and gained about 75 pounds during this time.

What Got You Started?

It was one day in April when we had this recreational activity in the parking lot at my work place. We really had a good time there playing basketball, soccer and other kind of games. It was here when I recalled how good it feels to sweat, how good it feels to be alive with energy, how good it feels to know that you are still young and that you can also really have a very exceptional time doing things other than just eating!!!

I realized here that I was completely going towards the wrong path and that I needed to make a radical change in my life and going back to the old times was the solution.

When And How Long It Took

On Sunday May 6th I decided to spend some money and went to a sports store and bought the basic things to get me started:

* Stationary bike

* Stepper machine

* Z-bar

* Small Bench for doing bench press

* Barbells

It then took me seven long, hard months to not only achieve my goals but surpass them. I really would like to invite everybody to take care of their body, their look and their muscles, but what is really more important than all of this and what really matters is our health. We cannot allow bad habits to bring the consequence of physical incapacitation or major diseases.


This will depend on my current goal. If I want to lose weight I would go with a fat burner. I have tried Hydroxycut, Hydroxycut Hardcore and Ripped Fuel from Twinlab which worked the best for me.

Actually I am planning to get back to it in 1 month in order to cut myself and get ready for spring break. Also I would take a protein powder, 100% gold standard whey protein from ON and/or Nitro-Tech Hardcore from Muscletech.

If the goal is to pack some mass, I would basically remain with the same supplements but add a portion of them per day (except for the fat burners). What I really would change is my protein intake from meals.


*    Meal 1 (6:30 am): Protein shake (2 portions of 100% gold standard whey protein, ½ cup Oatmeal, 16oz skim milk, 2-3 egg whites, 2 low fat cookies with 1 tsp peanut butter)

*   Meal 2 (10:00 am): 1 protein bar, NITRO-TECH Hardcore or 4 slices of turkey jam with 2 low fat cookies.

*   Meal 3 (1:30 pm): Chicken breast or fish with a portion of brown rice or vegetables.

*   Meal 4 (5:00 pm): Pre-workout meal: 1 tuna can or 1 chicken breast can

*   Meal 5 (8:30 pm): Post workout meal: Protein shake (2 portions of NITRO-TECH Hardcore, 16oz skim milk and 3 frozen strawberries, 2-3 egg whites)

My Workout Plan

I usually do around 3-4 sets per body part. I always try to to use both free weights and machines. One day I would go hitting free weights and then at the next cycle I would hit only machines/cables.

-> Day #1: Chest, Back & Abs, 20 Minutes Cardio:

Free Weights     Sets     Reps

Push Ups          2          30 – 40

Barbell Bench Press      4          8 – 12

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press    4          8 – 12

Incline Dumbbell Flyes   4          8 – 12

One-Arm Dumbbell Row            4          8 – 12

Bent Over Barbell Row   4          8 – 12

Hyperextensions           4          8 – 12

Machines          Sets     Reps

Push Ups          2          30 – 40

Machine Bench Press    4          8 – 12

Incline Machine Bench Press      4          8 – 12

Decline Machine Bench Press    4          8 – 12

Butterfly            4          8 – 12

Seated Cable Rows       4          8 – 12

Underhand Cable Pulldowns      4          8 – 12

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown             4          8 – 12

Wide-Grip Pulldowns Behind Neck          4          8 – 12

Abs is the same routine no matter if I hit free weights or machines:

Exercise           Sets     Reps

Cross Body Crunch       4          10 – 20

Barbell SideBend*        4          15 – 20

Bent-Knee Hip Raise      1          30

Decline Reverse Crunch             1          30

Decline Crunch 2          20 – 30

Decline Oblique Crunch             2          20 – 30

-> Day #2: Shoulders, Traps, Forearms, 20 Minutes Cardio:

Free Weights     Sets     Reps

Stand Up Barbell Press Behind Neck      4          8 – 12

Push Press       4          8 – 12

Front Dumbbell Raise    4          8 – 12

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4          8 – 12

Barbell Shrug    4          8 – 12

Upright Barbell Row       4          8 – 12

Reverse Barbell Curl      4          15 – 20

Machines          Sets     Reps

Machine Shoulder Military Press             4          8 – 12

Upright Cable Row        4          8 – 12

Cable Rotation 4          8 – 12

Cable Wrist Curl            4          15 – 20

-> Day #3: Biceps, Triceps, Abs, 20 Minutes Cardio:

Free Weights     Sets     Reps

Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curl   4          8 – 12

Hammer Curls   4          8 – 12

Close-Grip EZ Bar Curl 2          8 – 12

EZ Bar Curl       2          8 – 12

Bench Dips       4          12 – 20

Dumbbell One-Arm Triceps Extension    2          8 – 12

Seated Triceps Press    2          8 – 12

Close-Grip Bench Press             4          8 – 12

Machines          Sets     Reps

Cable Preacher Curl       4          8 – 12

Standing Bicep Cable Curl         4          8 – 12

Seated One-Arm Cable Curl       4          8 – 12

Cable Stand up Triceps Extension          4          8 – 12

Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension            4          8 – 12

Close-Grip Machine Press          4          8 – 12

-> Day #4: Legs (Quads & Calves), Forearms, 20 Minutes Cardio:

Free Weights     Sets     Reps

Barbell Full Squat          4          10 – 15

Rocking Standing Calf Raise      4          10 – 15

Barbell Lunge    4          10 – 15

Machines          Sets     Reps

Lying Leg Curls             4          10 – 15

Standing Leg Curls        4          10 – 15

Leg Extensions             4          10 – 15

-> Day #5: Rest:

And then repeat cycle. It is important to mention that every 2 months I used to rotate or change my workout. For example sometimes I combine chest with biceps or back with triceps. It is important always to keep doing changes to avoid monotony.

Future Plans

Keep ripping my body until I reach levels of one digit body fat percentage. I am targeting this to happen by the end of the year. I want to gain 15 pounds more of pure muscle mass in the next two years.

Suggestions For Others

Never think that change is impossible. Excuses such as lack of time for working out should not be valid. There is always time as long as we are 100% convinced we really want to change.

Take care about eat habits. Look at the nutritional information of the food and beverages you are buying. You will always find big surprises because what we think is healthy is not.

Plan ahead on cheat days or cheat meals. Establish a day or a meal in the week where you can eat whatever you want, but always being conscious about get back to your healthy life at the next meal or day.

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