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Weight Loss Before and After: Annabella Lost 85 Pounds And Gets Her Body Back

Annabela Lost 85 Pounds

Wanted to share my weight loss journey so far with all the great members of this group… We are here to inspire each other so here it goes

NAME : Annabella

Weight was always an issue in my life, I gained weight year after year until it was no longer puppy fat as they use to call it at that time but I became obese. My parents were always behind me taking me to various doctors, nutritionists, trainers etc I had it all but that wasn’t enough unfortunately I was gaining and losing weight, struggling with different diet myths and programs but never really worked much or it did but for a short period only.

I used to give up after few months and gain all I had lost and more. Until one fine day I had quite a serious chat with a professor at hospital and told me that I’m risking my life and it’s all my fault, I never wanted to do any surgery like gastric bypass etc as whatever I want to do I want to achieve with hard work, determination and dedication.

It was than when I started gym for some months On my own and had the pleasure to meet the brain behind a great team last February 2015 and started this amazing journey, with the help of this professional team I started the journey to live a better healthier life and it all started from the food intake and doing cardio and some light weights for an hour 6 times a week.

After losing some weight and finally I started appreciating life more I wanted to step up and increase my exercise level and intensity, there is when the team understood that I want this change and offered me to start personal training as I wanted to invest more in myself. All they said was you will be in good hands and I was introduced to another great member of the team.

Training became part of my routine and I couldn’t get to see these results if it wasn’t thanks to this amazing team. Training is not an easy task but I can assure anyone that the feeling after a great workout is so satisfying and worth every sweat. My journey is still a long one and it should never stop because it is a lifestyle after all and not a short term repair.

So far i lost 35kilos not in just ‘3 months’ as that is not healthy and good for our bodies, but i did it in 12 months in the most healthy and hard working way possible.

Anyone undergoing this same kind of journey please do not rush things up, we didn’t gain weight in a month or two so don’t go after big results immediately, this will take time but in the end it’s all worth it.

Never give up and keep moving forward day by day.

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