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80s Video Game, Pac-Man, Provides Ongoing Weight Loss & Health Inspiration for NJ Woman

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comSix years ago, Jennifer Lilley shed 70 pounds (that’s 245,000 calories!) and has managed to keep it off entirely on her own, prompting her to start her own weight/health-centered blog/website, FlabbyRoad.com.


Writings such as “5 Health-Boosting Tips Pac-Man Gave the World,” (ahem, all that fruit intake and moving, for starters) and “10 Things to Never Say to Someone Who Lost Weight” inform and entertain in a manner void of “shame on you for having seconds” musings. The site primarily houses her informative and entertaining writings designed “for anyone who has ever sucked in their tummy, wanted to bulk up, tone up, or give up.”


But Pac-Man for Weight Loss Inspiration? Seriously?




Think about it. Always on the go. Trying to escape the bad stuff (ghosts in the game, Snickers bars in reality). Eating fruit for increased energy. Moving in a forward direction (the importance of positive thoughts and not looking back). Inspiration, she says, is all around, even in an 80’s video game.


“Especially today, with such widespread national and local concern regarding the obesity epidemic, I think the site is particularly identifiable,” says Lilley. “I’ve literally and figuratively been on both sides of the scale. FlabbyRoad.com stems from that journey
—of moving on and leaving the elastic waistbands behind— and offers everyone relatable insight through heartfelt honesty and humor.”


Lilley, whose writing expertise spans 15+ years in public relations and advertising agencies, lost the weight on the Medifast program in 2007. Since then, she’s kept the weight off entirely on her own through sensible eating, regular gym workouts and reading up on the latest health and nutrition news. She’s appeared in features in Women’s Health magazine, as well as in advertisements for other national publications including COSMOPOLITAN, Self and People.


The site combines her professional creative writing background with her strong interest in, and success with, weight and health. “It is not yet another look about a new fad written by the celeb of the moment, but rather written by someone who knows about everything from being shunned by people to appearing in People, stretch marks to sarcastic remarks and lycopene to love handles,” says Lilley. “This is an enjoyable place for readers to fill up on honesty, humor and tongue-in-cheek spunk.”


And of course, the occasional trip back to the 80s.

Lilley lives in Freehold Borough, New Jersey surrounded by several bags of chia seeds, two cats, one gym membership and zero pants with elastic waistbands. To learn more about Jennifer Lilley and her story, please visit. www.FlabbyRoad.com where there are also before/after photos.


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