80 Pounds Lost: Fat to Fit Mom

NAME : Rebecca / BEFORE WEIGHT : 275 / AFTER WEIGHT : 195 / POUNDS LOST : 80
Rebecca Lost 80 Pounds

My Mommy Makeover Transformation:

Like a lot of people, weight has been something I have been struggling with my entire life. I was always bigger than my friends and sadly very aware of that from a young age. It didn’t truly start bothering me until I was about 11 years old. I can actually remember the exact moment when I started to truly worry about my weight. I was 11 years old and I was too embarrassed to where a bathing suit around my friends! (terribly insecure at 11 years old!). I remember at that point I started my first diet.

I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was likely some variation of something my mother was following at the time. I cant remember a time in my life where I wasn’t on a “diet” I would gain 10 to 15 pounds only to regain it shortly after. My weight problem truly spiraled out of control when my mother was diagnosed with a very rare from of cancer (literally like winning the worst lottery ever). I numbed the pain of dealing with watching the most important in my life slowly deteriorate with food, lots of food and hit my highest weight of 275. I was absolutely miserable.

HOW DID YOUR WEIGHT AFFECT ANY ASPECT(S) OF YOUR LIFE?  My weight has quite literally controlled my life, my entire life. Sadly, I let my weight hold me back from playing sports (even though I loved and was very good at them), I let my weight stop me from attending numerous social occasions and birthday parties, I even missed one of my best friends weddings because I felt too fat to wear anything nice! 

WHAT WAS THE “TURNING POINT” THAT GOT YOU STARTED ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY?  I would say the turning point was about 2 months after I had lost my mother to cancer. To say I was depressed would be an understatement. The pain of my loss was so bad that I couldn’t sleep, I was binge-eating like crazy and gaining even more weight. I had decided to seek help from my doctor, I’ll be honest, I was hoping for some sort of anti-depressant or anxiety pills to make me “feel better” – as if that was going to fix all of my problems? My doctor initially ordered some blood work and that is when I found out that I had diabetes. My sugar levels were so high that my doctor was surprised that I hadn’t slipped into a diabetic coma. I was absolutely terrified! I had a daughter to take care of? how could I let myself get so unhealthy. At that point I knew something had to change.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?  Initially I joined Weight Watchers and started walking a minimum of 5 km ever single day. I was defintely losing weight but I wasnt totally happy with the Weight Watchers program. I can’t really pin point why but it just wasn’t really the right fit for me. It’s a wonderful program and I have many friends who have had great success from following the program but I wasn’t really getting anything out of the meetings. Coincidentally at this same time, one of my best friends was following a program called The 21 Day Fix. I had been super hesitant to try as I was never really a fan of lifting weights and it seemed gimmicky to me. I had tried pretty much every other program out there and I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose? I ended up falling in love with the program instantly!

HOW LONG AFTER YOU STARTED DID YOU BEGIN TO SEE RESULTS OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS?  After about 10 days my friends and family started noticing a change but I couldn’t see it (were always our own biggest critics!) I’ll be honest, I didn’t notice any results for a full 3 weeks and it wasn’t until I actually compared photos that I truly saw the difference.

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART?  My biggest challenge for sure was not really enjoying exercise!

DID YOU EVER WANT TO GIVE UP? WHAT KEPT YOU GOING?  Absolutely! I wanted to give up on a weekly and sometimes daily basis! The biggest thing that kept me going was not wanting others to see me fail. I was very open about my weight loss journey with friends/family and I feel it helped keep me accountable.

DID YOU HIT ANY WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAUS? HOW DID YOU OVERCOME THEM?  My journey is still ongoing and I cant really say that I have had any true plateaus yet. I have definitely had ups and downs in my weight, even gaining as much as 18 pounds back at one point. I overcame that by reminding myself about how much better I felt when I was on track and leading a healthy lifestyle!

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO LOSE MOST OF THE WEIGHT?  I lost my first 40 pounds within my first 4 months. The rest has been over the course of 15 months with plenty of ups and downs!

DID YOU HAVE ANY NON-SCALE VICTORIES?  I think my biggest non-scale victory would have to be finally buying clothing in a “regular” store!

WHAT DOES YOUR DAILY DIET LOOK LIKE COMPARED TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  My daily diet is 100% cleaner than my diet when I was heavier. When I was heavier I would eat take out multiple times a week, drink tons of sugary beverages from Starbucks and consume lots of treats. Now I adhere to a very clean diet, sometimes going MONTHS without any take out and sugary beverages are much to sweet for my liking!

HOW DOES YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY COMPARE TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  If you had told me at 275 pounds that I would be lifting weights on a daily basis in my future I would have told you that you were insane! I work out daily by lifting heavy, I can run and chase my daughter and I am in the best shape of my life!


  1. Drink your water!
  2. Baby steps. For example: if you don’t like quinoa or brown rice – eat white! but cut back on your serving sizes! You are much less likely to fall of track if you don’t force yourself into things you cannot stand!
  3. Reward yourself along the way!
  4. Share your journey with friends and family. It will help keep you accountable.