78lbs GONE!!!!!

I am Crystal Heier-Fitzpatrick, I am almost 25 years old. I have always been kinda a bigger girl growing up all my friends were skinny and I was Chunky, not a big deal but sometime hurt cause I would try wear some of the swim suits they had and couldn’t. I couldn’t share clothes with them and so on. Well When I was 15 I moved to Las Vegas with my mother and little brother. Then a few months later I meet my now Husband. He just moved there from new York cause he was young and wanted to have fun. well after a couple of months dating him he wanted to go back home, So he asked if I wanted to move with him I said Sure why not. So I did just that, well I was a bigger girl he really didn’t think anything of it he really like me for me. when I moved I started to get comfortable with my life and with my Boyfriend at the time. still a little uncomfortable cause I was still pushing 175lbs I tried from time to time to fit in my husbands pants but always so disappointed. Then after I got my high school diploma and got jobs my (Husband) boyfriend at the time. started to work out of town So I stop caring about my self, what was the point I didn’t have anyone there is impress. I work all the time a came home and slept until I had to go back to work. Well then He came back we got marred then We decided to try to have a baby, now I was already pushing 175lbs at the time. We got pregnant a little after our wedding I carried My baby for almost 6 months then we found out we had a problem our baby was an “O” baby witch meant all of his insistence’s were on the out side of his body and there were many other things wrong too, but we had to give him up. mean while all my friend were now having babies but not me. so we tried again now this time I was 190lbs. We got Pregnant again but I miscarried about 2 months into it. I was so hurt I felt depressed I didn’t really care to much about anything but we were still trying. So then I got pregnant again 3rd time a charm, I gave birth to a Healthy baby Girl in 2010 we named her Luna, when I weighted my self right before I had Her I was 202lbs Then a Month after I had Her I was 206lbs I was at my peak weight. I was so upset with my self on how big I really got. I made my Husband go out and get me WII FIT I keep seeing it on TV and wanted to try it. I fell in love with it, it made my see my progress and it made it feel like I had someone telling me I can do it with out having a real person there. I worked out for an hour a day, most of the time I was sleeping while doing it because I was a new mom but I still did it. I also made sure I didn’t eat after 7pm and didn’t eat before 5 am I really didn’t eat junk food either. Most of the time I would be very sad that I couldn’t have something that everyone else had but I always told my self you know you cant have that but you know you are going to look great. As soon as I started seeing some of the pounds come off I was so proud I just wanted to keep going. now it is 2013 I have been working out and having really good food habits I weight 123lbs and I feel better then ever!!!!! That is a story I am proud of.
Thank you for your time,
Crystal Heier- Fitzpatrick 78lbs lighter


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