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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comI have always been heavy, however 380 lbs on a 5 tall frame was just too much. The weight combined with working way too many hours almost killed me x 3. I was not one of those fat people who did not know why I was heavy. I knew why I was fat.. I ate too much.. I ate more calories than it took for marathon runners to eat in a day. EVERY DAY.

My aha moment was when I realized I had the largest BMI of anyone who had entered a hospital. at 5’1 tall.. that was not hard to do… A hospital that did gastric by pass surgeries.

So I did Atkins, and that worked for a while, I lost 50 lbs or so. Then I did South Beach Diet for a while. I tinkered with weight watchers, and then finally found my total solutions.. and that was calorie count.com. Watching my calories, is what has given me the freedom to live the way I want to live. I operate on a weekly basis. Calories in calories out. If I overeat.. I better get moving and burn some more up.
The weightloss is slow. I was 380, and now am at 210. I still have about 70 lbs to lose and it has taken me 6 years to take it off.

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I get sick of dieting or caring. and I go off it but still weigh myself every day. I allow myself a 10 lb leway.. regardless of where my head is at if I put on 10 lbs from at any point I have to get back on my system.

through it all I realized that regardless of the diet you use.. You have to change your relationship with food. I still have my oreos.. but keep them at my sisters house, so I can have a few.. but not over indulge. There are plenty of times where I eat too much still.. and I dont feel good, but at least I recognize it now and keep fighting the fight. losing 170 lbs has been a huge deal for me.. I am much more active now.. and make sure my lazy days are once in a while… not every day.

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I got rid of sauces.. since a few table spoons of sauces can add 2-300 calories.. that is a lot of food to eat.. in its place.

I do not adore food like I did… as I said I still have my moments… but I will win this fight and continue to monitor what goes in and what comes out.. and the best part about calorie counting is.. if I am dying to eat a 1000 calorie dinner.. I can… I just make sure I have a chobani yogurt for lunch and breakfast .. so my dinner wont blow my diet.. I am proud of myself and what I have done… I stick with simple foods because I do not cook.. and that works for me… when you stop living to eat.. and begin to eat to live.. it gets a lot easier.


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