30 lbs and counting!

I started attending a locally owned gym (S.W.E.A.T Ltd) when my husband was reassigned to Colorado from Florida. My 5′ 7.5″ frame had ballooned up to more than 212 lbs and my waist had expanded to a size 18plus. The picture above shows my progress from Feb – Oct 2012.  Adding exercise to my daily activity and changing my eating habits has allowed me to drop down to 182 lbs as of today, December 27th, 2012. I now wear a size 14 and am continuing to slim down.

I used to have the worst eating habits to include eating fast food several times a week.  In addition, I drank 4 – 5 sodas per day and bought a candy bar every time I stopped at the store.  At a routine check-up, my Dr told me that my blood pressure was high.  In order to attempt to lower my blood pressure without medication, my Dr recommended that I give up sodas and begin an exercise routine.  I stopped drinking sodas, began walking daily and eventually worked my way up to 7 miles per day, often competing in local 5K’s as a walker.  Then I injured my foot and had to halt my walking routine.  Our relocation to Colorado soon followed and that’s when my current journey began.

Les Mils programming such as Body Combat & Body Pump, Zumba classes,  bootcamp & healthy eating have been the key to my success. I also compete in local 5K races, mud runs, color runs and have even tackled the Manitou incline three times (2000 ft vertical incline) since moving to Colorado Springs. My goal is to continue to become healthier, train to run a complete 5K instead of walking/jogging intervals & to motivate others in their weight loss journey. Brandi Hancock at S.W.E.A.T Ltd and her team have done an awesome job making me feel welcome & for motivating me to become healthier!!


Source: iReports