100 Pounds Lost Weight Loss Stories

Real Weight Loss Success Stories: I Shed 120 Pounds And Found My Freedom

I started my weightless journey on January 1st 2011 six months after my second child. I was at my highest weight at 275lbs. My “Aha” moment
was two months after I had my second child and I was sitting on my couch eating a whole pizza with about a pound of cheese on top. I was watching my little girls playing in the floor and it hit me! Why am I up here stuffing my face when I could be playing and creating memories with them. I started thinking about how I wouldn’t be able to play with them how I wanted and they craved. I had to change to be able to make more memories with them and not let them get to where I was. Since then I have lost 120 pounds and still counting! I have to lose just 25 more pounds and tone up skin before I reach my ultimate goal! I did it with the hcg diet. It was hard but so worth the results.


Source: iReports

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