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Ziploc Zip’n Steam Microwave Cooking Bags – the Bag with Steam Cooking Benefits

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Great success story! Read before and after fitness transformation stories from women and men who hit weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Find inspiration, motivation, and workout tips | Ziploc Zipn Steam Microwave Cooking Bags – the Bag with Steam Cooking BenefitsWhen you want to feel the taste of a nutritious steam-cooked meal but all you have is a microwave, don’t worry.

You just need a little magic bag and the job is done.

Ziploc’s Zip’n Steam Cooking bags have patented vents that will steam-cook your food under pressure like you were using a proper oven.

The result is a thoroughly cooked meal that takes a few minutes to be ready and is equally tasty and healthy.

Perfect for a work lunch that you can pull from the fridge, having it steamed in a few minutes, easy for storing restaurant leftovers that you can quickly microwave when you are back home and hungry, or for side dishes, such as vegetables, that are cooked in no time and with no mess – this bag is fantastic!

Don’t worry if you see it inflate and hear a whistling sound during cooking: this is how it should be while Zip’n Steam prepares your special meals.


Found on Amazon: Ziploc Zip’N Steam Cooking Bags, Medium, 10-Count(Pack of 3)

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