Christina Ann Hernandez lost 148 pounds in less than 2 years, and won her life back

Before: 298 pounds

After: 150 pounds

Age: 43

Height: 5’2”

As a teenager, Christina Ann Hernandez was active in sports and a member of the drill team. She was always a thin girl until she reached the 10th grade and traumatic life events led to her gaining more than 100 pounds.

Eat, drink, and still shrink

The Turning Point

Christina, a teacher inHouston, could barely walk 30 steps to the mailbox. She was short of breath and her heart was racing. “I truly felt as if I were having a heart attack,” she says.

The Lifestyle

After realizing that she had more than doubled her weight since high school, she feared for her health. The first thing she did was give up soda (she was consuming at least 1 liter a day) and drank exclusively water. She lost 30 pounds that first month. Then she started walking 15 minutes each evening. Once she dropped to 225 pounds, she joined Weight Watchers and extended her walks to 45 minutes to an hour. In fall 2009, she made it to 200 pounds and joined Fitness Connection, a local gym, which helped boost her energy. She now exercises 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, combining cardio, light weights and aerobics such as kickboxing and Zumba. Twice a week, she works out with a personal trainer.

The Rewards

Sometimes people mistake Christina and her 28-year-old daughter for sisters, instead of mother and child. And when others ask if she’s had gastric bypass surgery, she just smiles.

Christina’s Tips

Don’t expect perfection. “Recognize that you will go up and down in weight, but do not allow that scale to keep you from striving forth.”

Don’t wait. “If you fall off, do not wait weeks or days to start once again. Begin the next day!”

Eat in moderation. “Food is meant to be enjoyed but not over-indulged.”

Source: fitbie

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comments (16)

  • To loose 30 pounds in one month is a lot. I have been working out since October every day 30 min work out with Shaun T seems like the inches are coming off no weight loss yet. I also gave up soda’s white bread white rice I have no fries at all do not eat out either. I drink a lot of water and have green tea every morning and at night. I can feel the difference on my clothing.Waiting for movement on the scale. Feeling wonderful though.I only need to loose 10 kg according to my GP. It seems forever suppose I need just stay strong and carry on and dig deep as per ShaunT. I also stopped smoking 6 months ago !!! looking forward to the month to follow- well done Christina Ann Hernandez you looking real sexy girl keep it up .. !!

  • That’s great! Soda is nothing but a slow chemical poison to your system.

  • This is awesome, what a great story, thank you for sharing this!

  • What a great role model. I truly admire her hard work and dedication. She looks fabulous.

  • I quit for 6 months it did nothing

  • I applaud Christina for being able to give up sodas. I’m working on that now by giving up Pepsi. It’s been hard because I have been addicted to them for a couple of decades now. Just like my weight has mostly gone up in that time period too. I’m taking it one day at a time…one meal at a time.

  • I do water all the time..still over weight…maybe its age!! Lol

  • Yes, been soda free for a week. It was rough the first couple days, but I reach for water. :) You can do it!

  • soda for water……………………………that hurts!

  • I don’t drink soda. Ever. At all. Yet I struggle with my weight all the time. Soda of all kinds wrecks havoc on women’s bodies. So do it bc it is TERRIBLE for you but when you don’t see dramatic weight loss just bc you traded water for soda- don’t go back to drinking soda. Your taste buds WILL CHANGE! You WILL CRAVE WATER! Give it time.

  • I’m sure it was more than switching to water from soda!!

  • I know June….there are so many factors for why we make choices…I know a lot of mine is habit and comfort. It’s learning that being uncomfortable is growth and denying myself of bad habits is victory even if it’s in the smallest degree. So…I poured out the Pepsi…and am telling myself I am stronger than the 20 year habit because I am….in the words of Paul, the Apostle….”for when I am weak, then am I strong!”

  • Okay, I’ve got this…I’ve made lots of good changes and am exercising regularly…this is no big deal! Thanks for the push!

  • As I’m drinking a Pepsi! I know this would really help me…but dang it! I’ve given up everything else…I know, I know…sacrifice brings the blessings! Good job Christina!

  • I need help!! I cant seem to lose weight. Will not drinking sodas make a big difference?

comments (16)

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