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My Non-Scale Victories:

I began wearing a size 22 and currently wear a 12/14. I have lost many inches all over my body. Sometime in the first year of my journey, I became a runner! In 2013, I completed the challenge of 13 races in ’13. Of my 13 races, I participated in 2 hard-core mud obstacle course races and my first 10k. Also in 2013, I ran PR’d my 5K in the time of 30:13. My first 5k was 45:14. What wonderful successes!

My Non-Scale Victories:

My most memorable non scale victories are: fitting in the stadium seats at Wrigley Field, racing with my 10 year old cousin, higher confidence, running an 8k, going from size XXL to S…Just to name a few.

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My Non-Scale Victories:

I have had many “non-scale” victories. I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 12, from wearing an XXL to wearing mediums (yes, mediums, not sure I have ever in my adult life worn mediums) and larges. In fact I am wearing the same size clothing, and some smaller than, I was wearing when I met my husband in April of 2004.

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