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Sportec Band – the Cosy and Practical Alternative to Headphones

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The Tooks Sportec Headband is quite tricky, because no one would ever guess you’ve got a pair of earphones under it.

Besides keeping your ears warm and making you look stylish, the headband allows you to listen to your favorite music as well.

The band is made of 100% ProStretch (dry-fit), maintaining your skin dry at all times, and has a very thin microfleece lining with flat-stitch seams for great comfort.

The removable headphones are slim yet boast an amazing sound quality, and they can be connected to any mp3 player or phone.

Forget about classic over the head earphones or ear buds that hurt your ears!

With this headband you are free to move, jump and even sleep.

Good news for those with a snoring partner!

Found On Amazon: Tooks SPORTEC BAND (DRYFIT) – Headphone Headband With Built-in Removable Headphones

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