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Great success story! Read before and after fitness transformation stories from women and men who hit weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Find inspiration, motivation, and workout tips | Reshape Your Body Success StoriesThese women got with Prevention’s exercise and eating program and saw amazing results–you can, too!


Firm Up

Virginia Randall New York, NY 50 years old Lost 5 pounds, 6 inches, 6% body fat

Body Type:NormalWeight, But Flabby It can happen to anyone: After years of getting by on “good genes” or following the same tried-and-true fitness program, we start to go soft. “Women with this body type aren’t overweight, but they’re overfat; they lack lean muscle tissue,” explains Freytag. “They need more weight resistance to sculpt a feminine, sexy shape.”

Why She Signed Up Although Virginia’s a runner and a dedicated gym rat, her muscles were not firm.

Biggest Obstacle Not believing that bands and balls could help her firm up.

When we met Randall, she was running and doing a gym machine routine that would make the Rock look lazy. Yet her muscles remained jiggly. Naturally, she was skeptical about switching to bands and balls. “I thought, No way are these easy exercises going to help,” she recalls.

To her surprise, she struggled with the moves. Relying on the same machine fitness routine for so many years had left her muscles unchallenged and lacking tone. Her core (abs and back) were especially weak, which made lunges tough; she almost fell over trying them. “I had to learn to ‘zip’ my abs tight–like buttoning a snug pair of pants–and hold my back straight to stay stable. With practice, I got it.” She also got better balance, head-to-toe tone, and a seriously flat belly. “It’s not quite a six-pack, but I now can see definition! And I’ve finally lost the 5 pounds I’ve been battling for years.”

Food Tip Randall, who’s not a morning eater, wasn’t thrilled when our nutritionist suggested breakfast. “I’m just not hungry in the morning. But I learned that if I force myself to eat something simple like some pineapple, plus yogurt for protein, it helps me resist bingeing on crackers and cheese or other food later in the day.”


Source: Prevention

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