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Recycled Lunch Set – the 100% Recycled Bento-Style Lunch Boxes

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The lunch box set is a good start, so take it from there.

This practical and BPA-free set of boxes will not only carry your lunch in style, but it will make you fall in love with its versatility and another great feature: it’s totally leak-proof.

Eating from a 100% recycled food-grade polypropylene with 25% post-consumer content might sound complicated and confusing, but it really isn’t.

These boxes are made from eCycle and they are the safest containers you could eat from.

They come in multiple sizes, forming a perfectly stackable set and they fit into the trendy and chic lunch tote that comes with them.

Ideal for highly organized people and for those who watch their healthy diet with the help of portion control.

Pack, stack and enjoy healthy lunches in these cool boxes.

Everyone will ask you where you’ve got them from!

Find it on Amazon:  Recycled and Recyclable Lunch Set


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