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Learn how Jennifer Wiseman lost 12 lbs in about 5 1/2 months!

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Great success story! Read before and after fitness transformation stories from women and men who hit weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Find inspiration, motivation, and workout tips | Learn how Jennifer Wiseman lost 12 lbs in about 5 1/2 months!Jennifer started bodybuilding because she was tired of being out of shape. Shortly after starting her goals she noticed incredible results and knew she wanted to compete. Learn how she lost 12 lbs in about 5 1/2 months!

Vital Stats

Name: Jennifer Wiseman

Email: jenwise_78@hotmail.com

BodySpace: jenwise78

Start (2-14-07): 148.8 lbs (67.6 kg), -12.2 lb (-5.5 kg)

Current (8-05-07): 136.6 lbs

Body Fat:

Before (3-19-07): 21.6%

After (8-03-07): 14.2%


Before (Feb. 22): 31.8″

After (Aug. 5): 27″


Before (Feb 22): 36″

After (Aug 5): 34″

How I Did It

I started bodybuilding because I was tired of being out of shape. It didn’t take long before my goals changed. When I started seeing incredible results, I decided that I wanted to aspire to fitness competition and fitness modeling.

I began lifting 5 days every week while doing cardio 4 days. As I progressed, I became more dedicated and took my lifting to a 6 day split & cardio 5-6 days. In April, I took up running as my primary source of cardio. Within 2 weeks, I saw a dramatic change in my physique. I began using HIIT on most days and again saw a boost in results.


From the start I used Muscle Milk light for supplementation. In April I began using NO XPLODE & CellMass. I also switched to Syntha 6 as my protein supplement, adding whey & casein protein to the mix for my before & after workout shake.

I also began drinking a casein protein shake at bedtime. I have cycled on & off of both Hydroxycut Hardcore & Lipo 6x since my start as well. I generally go through one month of fat burner, then cut that from my regimen for 4 weeks. I LOVE the way I feel! I may have become addicted the to gym, but it is by far better than any other addiction out there.

My Typical Daily Diet

1st Meal:

o 2 egg white/1 whole egg

o Scrambled with mushrooms or other vegetable

o High fiber cereal with fruit

2nd Meal:

o Protein shake


3rd Meal:

o Protein shake

4th Meal:

o 2/3 servings veggies

o 1 serving lean meat usually turkey or tuna

o Wheat pasta

South Beach Diet

5th Meal:

o Tuna

o A piece of fruit or a meal replacement bar, usually South Beach Diet

6th Meal: Before Bed:

o Turkey wrap with salsa on a low carb wrap

o Casein protein with fiber powder

When I first started, I researched nutrition labels and tracked my calorie intake. After a while, I didn’t have to do this as much because I came to know my limits. I also focused on keeping my body in an anabolic state, this allowed me a lot more freedom in calorie intake.

My focus is now to get all my veggies, fiber, protein (140 grams) & complex carbs for the day. If I achieve that, my calorie intake naturally balances out to where it should be.


I lift on a 6 day split using 3-5 movements for each muscle group. I prefer to start low weight at 12 reps & increase weight with each rep for 12-8-6 rep structure for 3 sets plus 2 warm-up. Each month I switch things up for at least 2 weeks. I usually look to Muscle and Fitness magazine for ideas.

I also utilize supersets often.

* Day 1: Chest

* Day 2: Back

* Day 3: Legs & Calves

* Day 4: Traps & Shoulders

* Day 5: Biceps

* Day 6: Triceps

When I’m in the weight room I use my rest period to work my abs. This serves the purpose of keeping my heart rate up as well as keeping me from getting bored. I alternate these days, doing upper abs one day, lower & obliques the next.

Advice To Others

My advice to others who want to transform their bodies is just get in there and do it! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because just about any bodybuilder is usually more than happy to help in any area, in fact they’ll probably talk your ear off.

Dedicate yourself to all 3 elements: nutrition, cardio, & strength training. If you neglect one, your efforts in the others won’t be as valuable. For women: don’t be intimidated by the weight room or afraid to lift heavy! You will maintain your feminine body if you don’t take hormone products. I lift as much as some guys in my gym & I still have all my curves!

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