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Her Friends Helped Her Lose 48 Pounds!

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Great success story! Read before and after fitness transformation stories from women and men who hit weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Find inspiration, motivation, and workout tips | Her Friends Helped Her Lose 48 Pounds!One woman slimmed down using the advice from diet books, a new exercise routine, and a little help from her friends

Before: 203 pounds
After: 155 pounds
Height: 5′ 7″

When Shulah was in high school, she and her parents went on a family diet. Her father lost 80 pounds but died later that year. Shulah let herself go. She turned to food for comfort, ballooning up to 220 pounds in college. She used the “I don’t have time” excuse for not exercising and blamed her listlessness on her asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Then her friends started losing weight, and jealousy got the best of her. She wanted in on the action, too.

The Turning Point
Shulah, an assistant manager from McPherson, Kan., was hiking with friends when she started huffing and puffing on the trail. She felt like she was going to pass out and decided it was time for a change. A few of her friends had recently joined Weight Watchers, and she envied their success. All she needed was some accountability.

The Lifestyle
She couldn’t afford Weight Watchers, so a friend gave her a few books from the program. With the Points system, she didn’t feel deprived. She joined the YMCA and started going 5 days a week, three times for cardio and twice for strength training. She and her friends picked up Zumba, which she says is a blast, and also began walking.

The Motivation
Shulah relies on her friends for support and encouragement. They help her stay active and make sure she sticks to the healthy lifestyle she adopted a year ago.

The Reward
One time at yoga class, Shulah saw herself in the mirror and did a double-take. “Yep, it’s me and I look skinny!” she thought. She’s also excited about being able to fit into size-10 jeans after all these years.

Shulah’s Tips
Fall into downward dog. “I just started doing yoga, which has really boosted my mood and confidence.”

Indulge a little. This past summer, Shulah made a list of the foods she hadn’t eaten in a while and decided to treat herself to one item a week. “I have to remind myself that one bad food choice doesn’t have to derail my whole day.”

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