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Great success story! Read before and after fitness transformation stories from women and men who hit weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Find inspiration, motivation, and workout tips | Aha moment   weight lossHi, My name is Ashley, I am currently 27, a mother to a beautiful 17 month old baby boy. I grew up with a “perfect” family. My mother is a 5’4’’ 105 lb, natural blonde.. I am not. I spend most of my life being “overweight”. I am 5’6’’ and use to weigh 165lbs. I had a very large “top half” and was never really comfortable with my weight, but was always very comfortable with me. I found I was pregnant in November of 2008, and what I was most afraid of was gaining tons of weight and then being even heavier after I had my son. I had two  younger sisters who had perfect figures, so the thought of being any heavier scared me. Throughout my entire pregnancy I stayed healthy and walked at least a mile if not two a day. A week after I had my son, I weighed 169lbs, I had only gained 4lbs after all was said and done.  I was proud of myself, but I went through what most new moms go through – post partum depression. I didn’t have a bad case, so I didn’t want to be on any types of medicine, the alternative.. .Exercise! So come JAN 2010, that is what I did! I started out using the gym in my apartment, 20 minutes a day on the stairs and cut out all the junk from my already gluten free diet (yes it is easy to gain weight and be gluten free). I drank water and crystal light, ate more salads and focused on lean proteins. By the time March I had lost 20 pounds! I couldn’t believe the scale when I saw it. It said 146lbs… I was thrilled! It had only been two months! Once April rolled around the weather got better, I tried my hand at running. I started out with running until I couldn’t, or so I thought…. Before I knew it I was running 6 miles with the help of my cardio app on my phone, it kept me motivated and go


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